Company Formation in Bulgaria for EU Citizens: Benefits and Residency Considerations

Bulgaria, a member of the European Union since 2007, has become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish their businesses in Europe. As an EU citizen, the process of company formation in Bulgaria offers numerous benefits and incentives. This article explores the advantages of setting up a company in Bulgaria for EU citizens and highlights the residency considerations that accompany this decision.

Benefits of Company Formation in Bulgaria for EU Citizens

Access to the European Single Market

One of the most significant advantages of establishing a company in Bulgaria for EU citizens is the access to the European Single Market. With Bulgaria being an EU member state, companies incorporated in the country can enjoy the benefits of free movement of goods, services, capital, and labor within the EU. This provides ample opportunities to expand the business, access a larger customer base, and establish cross-border collaborations.

Favorable Tax Regime

Bulgaria offers a competitive and favorable tax regime, which is particularly appealing to EU citizens seeking to optimize their tax liabilities. The corporate income tax rate in Bulgaria is currently one of the lowest in the EU, set at a flat rate of 10%. This advantageous tax structure can lead to significant cost savings and increased profitability for businesses operating in Bulgaria.

Simplified Company Formation Process

The company formation process in Bulgaria is relatively straightforward and efficient, especially for EU citizens. The process can be completed within a few days, and the required documentation is generally minimal. EU citizens are not subject to additional restrictions or special permits, making it easier for them to establish and manage businesses in Bulgaria.

Low Operating Costs

Compared to many other EU countries, Bulgaria offers lower operating costs for businesses. This includes affordable office space, relatively lower labor costs, and reduced administrative expenses. For startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), these cost advantages can be a crucial factor in achieving financial sustainability and growth.

Supportive Business Environment

Bulgaria has made significant efforts to improve its business environment and attract foreign investments. The country offers various incentives and support programs for entrepreneurs, including EU citizens, aimed at fostering innovation and economic development. Additionally, there are English-speaking professionals and business consultants available to assist with various aspects of company setup and operations.

Residency Considerations for EU Citizens Establishing a Company in Bulgaria

While EU citizens have the freedom to live and work in any EU member state, establishing a company in Bulgaria does not automatically grant residency rights in the country. Therefore, it is essential for EU citizens considering company formation in Bulgaria to be aware of the following residency considerations:

As an EU citizen, you can stay in Bulgaria for up to three months without any specific registration requirements. This period is typically sufficient for business visits and exploring the feasibility of setting up a company. However, if you plan to stay for more than three months, you will need to register your residency with the local authorities. EU citizens who wish to stay in Bulgaria for longer than three months must apply for a longterm residence permit.

Bulgaria offers a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship for EU citizens who have resided in the country for an extended period. After five years of continuous legal residency, an EU citizen may apply for permanent residency. Furthermore, Bulgarian citizenship can be acquired through naturalization after ten years of continuous legal residency, or even faster in certain investment or exceptional circumstances.

You can find additional information about EU citizens residency in Bulgaria on our website.


Company formation in Bulgaria presents an array of benefits for EU citizens, including access to the European Single Market, a favorable tax regime, a supportive business environment, and lower operating costs. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of the residency considerations and requirements for longer stays or obtaining permanent residency and citizenship. Overall, Bulgaria’s pro-business climate and strategic location within the EU make it an attractive choice for EU citizens looking to establish and grow their businesses in Europe.

As with any legal matters, it is advisable to seek professional advice and assistance to navigate the company formation process and residency considerations smoothly. This is where we step in. If you need any assistance with relocation process to Bulgaria and starting your business activity here, send us a message and we will answer within 1 business day.

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