Immigration to Bulgaria - visa and residency permit

Bulgaria is a cool place not only for doing business but also for living. Beside the beautiful nature and interesting history, here could be also found great social and cultural life. Adding to that social and tax benefits a lot of EU-citizens and foreigners increasingly consider relocating and becoming Bulgarian residents.

Benefits of becoming a Bulgarian resident

Free enter/exit of the country
Tax residency and only 10% personal income tax

Take advantage of all EU citizenship privileges

And many more


€ 400

governmental fees are not included

If you are an EU citizen, you already know and probably experienced the freedom of movement as one of the main rights of the EU-citizens.

You could stay in any EU-country, including Bulgaria, freely up to 3 months. But if you want to stay longer and become Bulgarian resident you are obliged to register yourself with the local immigration authority.

Don’t worry it only sounds hard - the procedure is very simple and could be completed in a very short time frame.

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Immigration to Bulgaria

EU Citizens

400 €

Fast response

Individual approach

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Foreigners (non-EU citizens)

from € 950

governmental fees are not included

Тhe procedure is little more complicated and takes some time.

But don't worry, we got this for you! First a long-term Visa type "D" (valid for up to 6 months) has to be issued by the Bulgarian Embassy in your country for which you need to collect documents related to the lawful reason for the Bulgarian residency as example:

Work under an Employment Agreement
Commercial Activitiy
Study in Bulgaria
Investment in Bulgaria
Family reunification
Trade representative office
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Immigration to Bulgaria

Non-EU Citizens

Starting from 950 €

Fast response

Individual approach

High quality services

Step by step, ooh Baby

The immigration office (“the Migration Directorate”) sounds as a scary place to you? Don’t worry! We will be next to you on the line and assist you with the application and all of the formalities - from the preparation and revision of all necessary documents until the moment you finally hold your Bulgarian ID card in your hands.

01. Free Consultation

Free consultation to specify the details about your residency

03. Preparation of the application

Preparation and completion of the application for residence permit and its attachments

02. Exploring possibilities

Exploring the possibilities for establishing your residence status

04. Accompanying

Accompanying you to the competent authorities of the Republic of Bulgaria ... well, there are a few trips to the authorities, but it is worth it, we promise

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