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Set up a Trade Representative office in Bulgaria

trade representative office in Bulgaria

The Trade representative office (TRO) is not a legal entity and has no right to carry out any business. Its activity is reduced to advertising and promotion of the foreign entity. It receives funds for its expenses (such as costs for offices,…

Starting a business in Bulgaria

starting a business in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Europe. The country has a stable economy, favorable tax policies, and a strategic location at the crossroads between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. If you plan…

How to become a tax resident in Bulgaria

tax residency in bulgaria

Bulgaria has the lowest tax rates in the whole of EU and by becoming a tax resident you can enjoy these low taxation rates. If you obtain tax residency, you will have to pay in Bulgaria a tax on your…

Startup visa in Bulgaria

startup visa in bulgaria

If you want to start a high tech or an innovative business in Bulgaria, you are citizen of a country out of the EU and you want to move to live in Bulgaria, then the new startup visa in Bulgaria…

Long-term residence in Bulgaria

long-term residence in bulgaria

In recent years, a trend has been noticed that more foreigners want to shift their life and economic interests to EU countries and Bulgaria in particular. This is not a surprise. Why? Because Bulgaria’s business ecosystem is developing at high…

Residency in Bulgaria for EU citizens

Residency in Bulgaria for EU citizens

After the admission of Bulgaria to the European Union in 2007, new opportunities opened up. Opportunities both for its citizens and for those of the other EU member states. There is a tendency for more and more Europeans to lead…

Long-term visa type “D”

long-term visa for bulgaria

Bulgaria is а cool place for living, no matter of your age and profession. It is a democratic, legal country and a member state of the EU, which allows you to move freely between the countries of the union. Once…

Company registration in Bulgaria

company registration in bulgaria

If you want to start business in Bulgaria, want to buy a property or a car, the best way is to set up a company. We can help you with company registration in Bulgaria. Our team of experience lawyers will…

Trademarks – what you need to know about them?

trademark registration in bulgaria

The trademarks or logos are unique signs that distinguish your goods and services from your competitors’. Your customers know your goods/services through your trademark, you can use it in advertisements, and it orientates your customers that the goods/services have the…

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